Our commitment: We act ethically and legally responsible

It is clear to us that we can only be successful in the long term if our actions are ethically and legally responsible. For us, this means that we give honesty, integrity, transparency and responsible behaviour top priority in our day-to-day business. In order for us to live up to this standard, it is of fundamental importance to learn of potential misconduct and take appropriate remedial action.

Why should potential misconduct be reported?
Breaches of rules and laws can cause high financial damages and endanger the reputation of our company in the eyes of the public, government agencies, business partners, patients or other stakeholders. We therefore rely on your support to uncover and remedy violations and abuses and, if necessary, to adapt / optimise processes. 

Who can use the BIOTRONIK whistleblower system?
The BIOTRONIK whistleblower system offers employees and business partners of BIOTRONIK the opportunity to report potential breaches of regulations. This includes, for example, the suspicion of a criminal offence or violations of our Code of Business Conduct.

How does BIOTRONIK's whistleblowing system work?
Information can be submitted by name or completely anonymously. We guarantee the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, those affected and the employees involved in clarifying the information. It is not possible to trace the information back to you as the person providing the information, unless you yourself provide data that would allow conclusions to be drawn about your person. In this context, we would also like to point out that discrimination against whistleblowers or anyone who contributes to promoting ethical and responsible behaviour at BIOTRONIK will not be tolerated.

After your report, you will receive a confirmation of receipt and a protected mailbox will be set up for you. This mailbox allows us to enter into dialogue with you confidentially and anonymously. We will contact you as soon as we have investigated your report. Our investigations are carried out with the utmost confidentiality and under the maxim of a fair, fast and protected procedure.

What should be considered when filing a report?
For the comprehensibility and processing of your report, it can be helpful if you use the five W-questions as a guideline:

Who? What? When? How? Where?

The following reporting form will guide you through the information point by point. You decide for yourself which information you would like to disclose.

Thank you for your support!

Attention: This system must not be misused to deliberately provide false or defamatory information. Misuse may result in legal consequences!

[For reasons of better readability, the text refrains from using all personal terms (m/f/d) at the same time and instead uses the generic masculine. All persons - if applicable - are always meant and addressed. The abbreviated form of language in no way implies discrimination or disadvantage of the other gender].

How our whistleblower system protects you

  • The system is like a locker, accessible from two sides.
  • Your details and files are transmitted encrypted.
  • We do not collect and receive any data for your identification.
  • A technical tracing to you is not possible.